Tesco Real Food Family Cook Off - The Application

Here's a little story which I hope will inspire you to go for something that you love, despite how much time you have on your hands and despite how you see yourself... my application to "Tesco Real Food Family Cook Off" was start of a great experience I will never forget.

Real Food Family Cook Off Logo.jpg

I am a busy mum with two young boys – Daniel is nearly 7 months now and Joshua is 2 and 3/4. I love my boys to bits but as any mum will tell you, it’s a busy time. I’m still on maternity leave so I’m currently a full time mum. I love cooking and writing my blog, which I do in the evenings in between tidying away little cars and wiping up mashed banana.

Back in June I saw an article on the Tesco Real Food website asking people to submit their ‘Real Recipes’ into one of 8 'food mood' categories to win a chance to be on TV. Real food is right up my street and I decided I would submit my Healthy Chicken Tikka Masala recipe in the 'take away at home' category as it’s a healthy easy version of the nations favourite take away.

The application form seemed pretty straight forward, submit a recipe, video and some pictures. I didn’t get round to sending my entry until the evening of the closing date. Typically my computer kept crashing when I was trying to upload my video and it was getting closer to midnight. It was 11.50pm by the time the application finally went off – pretty close to the wire!

The next day I was at home with the boys. I remember I was carrying Daniel and trying to hang washing and kick a football with Joshua in the garden all at the same time when the phone rang.

“Hello, it’s Laura here from RDF television…is it a good time talk?” er…. I quickly dropped the washing and filled a bowl with raisins for Joshua and switched on Cbeebies, “yes, yes of course” I lied, trying to sound cool but really very excited! Laura explained to me that they were looking for people to appear on a new TV show called Real Food Family Cook Off and that they were picking their top 40 people to come along to a casting day along with a team of two family members. I was stunned because I was so last minute with my application, and had never expected a call at all, let alone the next day! She was really lovely, we chatted for about half an hour and she told me she’d call me the next day to let me know if I had got through or not. Well I have to admit I did do a little dance around the room with the boys when I hung up and then called Rich and my mum to inform them they’d be joining me on the casting day, if I was successful!!

The next day was a usual Friday and I met up with my mummy chums and their little ones. While I broke up fights between Joshua and his buddies over who had the train first I had my phone close by in case I missed that all important call… and it came!

“Hello, it’s Laura here from RDF television…is it a good time talk?” I had to lie again… but it was worth it to hear the good news, “You’ve made it into the top 40, can you please come along to the casting day with your team members?” I tried to be cool but I was super excited! I told the mummies the news and we all clinked our cups of tea and had a toast! Hooray!

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